Twenty Eight Turns

by Independent Memes

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Written and recorded all in the space of one month, Twenty Eight Turns features rock, pop, a little jazz, and even a beer-bottle solo.


released March 12, 2012

Vocals, keys, horns: Andy Hunt


all rights reserved



Independent Memes Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: Wrong Side of the Door
I'm on the wrong side
Wrong side of the door
Always looking for something else
Three kinds of better
Something more

I'm on the outside
Outside looking in
Kicked out and on my own
Nothing better
No way to win

Take me
Through that magic door

Over there it's summer
The grass is oh so green
It's warm but not too hot
A picture-postcard scene

Over there she loves me still
A red headed fire in heels
We danced and drank morning's first light
Remember how that feels?

The door is closed
And the window won't open
Opportunity went next door
Blind to my offering

You know the grass smells greener
And everyone looks leaner
Over there can I see
How I could really be

I'm on the wrong side
Wrong side of the door
Track Name: Shake my Fist
Propped up by a hollow
Vacant stare
At the peeling plaster wall but there's
Nothing there.

Hunger is a buzzard
First of many to come
Picking at you day and night
Til all is dark and dumb

I shake my fist
Right at the skies
And I ask God
Why oh why

Why do you let
Such evil thrive?
Why don't you wipe
The tears from our eyes?

But I put my hands down
Down by my side
Too afraid you see
He'll ask the same of me

How in heaven's name
Did it come down to this?
Sleeping on the ground
Goodnight concrete kiss

Old Joe lived in cardboard
Didn't even own a wallet
Shot in the head last night
For the lint in his pocket

I shake my fist
Right at the skies
And I ask God
Why oh why

Why do you let
Such evil thrive?
Why don't you wipe
The tears from our eyes?

But I put my hands down
Down by my side
Too afraid you see
He'll ask the same of me
Track Name: Margarita the Maid
On the trip of a lifetime
Shootin' animals in the wild
Such a long flight so far from home
Shots of sky, and shots of Jack

Away for an endless month
Up the elevator to home
On our forty-second floor
Why oh why does it smell like that?

Checked the kitchen in anticipation
Checked the garbage, searched for seepage
Looked in every drawer and behind each door
Couldn't find what we were looking for

We found her naked on the bed
Margarita the maid was dead
A dirty mop in her hand
I guess she couldn't withstand
Hot August afternoons
Poor Margarita
Poor Margarita

The cops said don't touch anything
Wait for the coroner to come
Then they started looking around
Like some morbid lost and found

They nabbed my best Hawaiian stuff
From behind the icecream in the fridge
I had to blame it on the maid
Bless her heart she didn't make a sound

We don't take long trips anymore
And sometimes our friends ask why
We sit them down and pour them drinks
Tell them about that time when...

We found her naked on the bed
Margarita the maid was dead
Poor Margarita
Poor Margarita
Track Name: Nutjob
I tried to help you out
Sent you my ideas in the mail
Couple of thoughts that you didn't like
Told me to go straight to hell

You know it all already
Nothing I could possibly say
I cluttered up your face with actual facts
But years you've done it this way.

You can blame it on your mother
You can blame it on your cat
You can blame it on your God
But he'll have none of that

You're a nutjob
You overreact
You're a nutjob
No need for the facts

Your ingrown opinion shouldn't make you deaf
My reason bounces off you unharmed
You can't even see what you can't conceive
A battle of wits unarmed

You asked us all, how I'm doing now?
But you don't really want to know
Truth hurts like an infected sore
Gnawing at your tattered ego
Track Name: Waiting
Babies crying and kids fighting
Businessman pounds his fist
Cell phone chatter and furious texting
Its not supposed to be like this.

They knew we were coming
But it still seems quite the shock
Where did all these people come from?
Must have been one hell of a rock.

We're just waiting
Nothing to do
Bored and frustrated
They don't have a clue
No I don't think they have a clue
No they don't have a clue

How much paperwork could there possibly be?
How slow could this line possibly move?
Can anybody hear me?
Help repair my broken mood

Lame so very lame
Can we get out of here today?
Who can I yell at now who can I blame?
I woke up a young man
Now I'm old and gray.
Track Name: Mailman
I got a catalog in the mail
Still addressed to you
They didn't know that you'd moved on
Picked up packed up and withdrew

Nothing there in that catalog
Nothing I want to buy
No coupon no sale no volume discount
Just a cheaply scented goodbye

The mailman's the last to know
All our friends saw the signs
They know you've left me here bereft
Alone with stale headlines
Alone with stale headlines

I sent your mail on ahead
Addressed to your new place
But it looks like you've moved on
Turned around messed up a fast about face

Saw the mailman just the other day
And I'll go out on a limb
Maybe he wasn't the last after all
Your kid sure looks like him
Track Name: This Moment
What if this were the last time
I held your face?
What if this were the last time
I said goodbye?
If I never saw you again
Taken away
Leave me asking why?

What if this were the last sunset?
Would I enjoy it more?
A final longing look at
A scorched and flaming sky
One last visual metaphor

Savor the moment
In case it's the last
Live in the now
Don't just rush past
Don't wait too late to celebrate
This moment

If this were my last traffic jam
Would I really mind it quite as much?
Or would I sit back and enjoy the radio
Try not to ride the clutch?
Would I stop to smell the roses
Stop and read the spam
Listen to that telemarketer
Or frothing anchorman?

Or would I just hold you tight
And never let you go
Look into your eyes
Ask time to slow
Track Name: Caravan of One
From oasis to oasis, I walk with a heavy, heavy load
Carrying all my hopes and fears, everything, everything I own
A handful of confidents, roam with me for a while
But they never stick around, never past the next sandpile

A solo in the desert
Like a lonely bedouin
Crossing dune and valley
A caravan of one

We set off all together, but so quickly broke apart
Rejoined with the others, but that just broke our hearts
Went on a ways alone, and missed out on the best lineups
Down to a single backpack, no more overflowing cups

Journey's lasted longer, longer than I ever dreamt
Carrying as little as I can, so little I now attempt

Lizard and the scorpion
Don't need a single dime
I have so much more
It almost seems a crime
Since I'm just passing through
It's only a lifetime
Only a lifetime
Track Name: Follow Me
It's a cold and misty morning
Even the sun is sleeping in
I'm headed over that long footbridge
This is where we must begin

You want to come with me
But you harbor a fleet of doubt
The world is young and evergreen
You've searched within and without

So follow me to tomorrow, cuz
Time means nothing here
Take my hand and follow me
Over this fragile big blue sphere

Follow me this morning as I
Set off down the path
It may lead to forever baby or it
May not really last

We'll go diving for olives
At the bottom of a glass
Hike along the last great wall
Where the future meets the past

Take pictures of a red sunset
Eat gelatos in the park
Cruise the land and several seas
Oh Come with me we'll make our mark

You're looking for something more
Than this old town can give
You're still young and life is long
Time to go yeah it's time to live

Follow me this morning as I
Set off down the path
It may lead to forever baby or it
May not really last, just

Follow me where I
Would go
Here and there
Moonlight and rainbows

Follow me this morning
Because I'm not coming back
I want you with me forever now
From the first day to the last

Let go now
Life flies like a kite
Soar to the sun
Until we ignite

I can't promise forever
Can't even promise tonight
But we can start right away
In the pale primal light just

Follow me
Where I would go
Here and there
With you I hope
Let's go...